The commentaries of Messire Blaize de Montluc, mareschal of France wherein are describ'd all the combats, rencounters, skirmishes, battels, sieges, assaults, scalado's, the taking and surprizes of towns and fortresses, as also the defences of the assaulted and besieg'd : with several other signal and remarkable feats of war, wherein this great and renowned warriour was personally engag'd, in the space of fifty or threescore years that he bore arms under several kings of France : together with divers instructions, that such ought not to be ignorant of, as propose to themselves by the practice of arms to arrive at any eminent degree of honor, and prudently to carry on all the exploits of war

Monluc seigneur de, Charles Cotton London : Printed by Andrew Clark for Henry Brome ..., MDCLXXIV 1674]

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