Riders dictionary : corrected and augmented vvith the addition of many hundred words both out of the law, and out of the Latine, French, and other languages ... : the barbarous words, which were many hundreds, are expunged, to the help of young scholars, which before they used in stead of good words : in the end of the dictionary you shall finde certain general heads of birds, colors, dogs, fishes, herbs, numbers, stones, trees, weights : lastly, the names of the chief places and towns in England, Scotland and Ireland, &c. which were never in Riders before : also hereunto is annexed certain tables of weights and measures, the valuation of ancient and modern coins ... : whereunto is joyned a Dictionary etymological ..

John Rider, Francis Holyoake London : Printed by J.T. for Andrew Crook ..., 1659

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