Strange and wonderful news from Yowel in Surry giving a true and just account of one Elizabeth Burgiss, who was most strangely bewitched and tortured at a sad rate, having several great lumps of clay pulled forth from her back, full of pins and thorns, which pricked so extreamly that she cry'd and roar'd in a vehement and out-ragious manner, to the great amazement of all the beholders : as also, how great stones as big as a mans fist were thrown at her ... and afer she came to her fathers house, the throwing of the pewter-dishes, candlesticks, and other clattering of household-goods at her, besides the displacing of a musical instrument, hanging up her grand-fathers breeches on the top of the sealing : with many more strange and miraculous things, filling the spectators with wonder and amazement

West Smithfield London : Printed for J. Clarke ..., 1681

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