The gentleman's compleat jockey with the perfect horseman and experienc'd farrier : containing I. the nature of horses their breeding, feeding and management in all paces to sit them for war, racing, travel, hunting, or other recreations and advantages : II the true method with proper rules and directions to order, diet and physick the running-horse to bring him to any match or race with success : III the methods to buy horses and prevent being cheated, noting the particular marks of the good and bad horses in all their circumstances : IV how to make blazes, stars and snips, to fatten a horse with little charge and to make him lively and lovely : V the whole art of a farrier in curing all diseases, griefs and sorrances incident to horses with their symptoms and causes : VI the methods of shooing, blooding, roweling, purging and prevention of diseases and many other things from long experience and approved practice

Gent. A. S, Adolphus Speed London : Printed for Henry Nelme ..., 1696

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