The last joyfull newes from Ireland being the copies of two severall letters sent from Dublin the 28 of Aprill, 1642 to a noble person in this city : being the relation of a renowned victory obtained against 12000 rebels under the command of the Lord Mantgarret and the lords of the Pale where divers of the rebels were slaine and but 40 English : this victory was obtained by these worthy champions, the Earle of Ormond, Sir Charles Coate, Captaine Skoute, Captain Lucas : likewise the names of the chiefe commanders of the rebels that were taken and lost their heads, Colonell Arthur Cavenaough, the Lord Montgarrets sonne, Colonell Sutton, Colonell Birne : also a true intelligence of an English ship taken at Galwdy with 8 peeces of ordance and other munition with the surprisall of the Lord Montgarrets wagons with great store of victuall and munition : whereunto is annexed an order of the House of Commons for the providing for the souldiers imployed in the Irish Warres

P. R London : Printed by T. Fawcet, 1642

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