Dolefvll nevves from Edinborough in Scotland being sent to England in severall letters shewing in vvhat danger the city was upon the 28 of November being a generall fast proclaimed there : also sad newes from New-Castle being a true relation hovv the major thereof going to visit the coal-pits accompanied by the aldermen was by a dag [sic] wounded and one of the aldermen in a pit drowned : with lamentable and mournfull newes from Ireland in the county of Monnaham of what cruelty was used to a lady and how a minister was hanged by the rebels : likewise the entertainment of the Earle of Tyrone by the rebels being a true relation how Dublin was besieged by him the treacherous Earle of Tyrone : but beaten backe by the Lord Moores companies

London? : Printed for William Field, 1641

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