The Rebels Tvrkish tyranny in their march Decem. 14, 1641 as it was taken out of a letter sent from Mr. Witcome a merchant in Kingsale to a brother of his here : shewing how cruelly they put them to the sword, ravished religious women, and put their children upon red hot spits before their parents eyes : throw them in the fire, and burn them to ashes : cut off their eares and nose, put out their eyes, cut off their armes and legges, broyle them at the fire, cut out their tongues, and thrust hot irons down their throats, drown them, dash out their brains and such like other cruelty not heard of amongst Christians : with a great and bloody skirmish fought between Captain Hull and the rebels : and the names of the chief rebels of that regiment : and the firing of a town within a mile of Dublin

Tristram Whetcombe London : Printed for W. R., 1641

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