The Happiest newes from Ireland that ever came to England since their first rebellion being a trve and ekact [sic] relation of a great overthrovv given by the Earle of Clanrickards company, Decemb. 20 : being 500 foot and 100 horse, to the three great rebels, who rebelled lately : the Earle of Care, the great Lord Mackdavo, and the great Lord Donmadoffe : wherein is set dovvne the number of the cities and tovvns, which they have taken since the rebellion : also the bloody masscre which they have used to the Protestants in Clogham, three miles from the city of Carie with the Earle of Clanrickards speech to his souldiers, and the souldiers answer to the same

Clanricarde Earl of London : Printed for Iohn Greensmith, 1641

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