Profit, conveniency, and pleasure, to the whole nation being a short rational discourse, lately presented to His Majesty, concerning the high-ways of England : their badness, the causes thereof, the reasons of those causes, the impossibility of ever having them well-mended according to the old way of mending, but may most certainly be done, and for ever so maintained (according to this new way) substantially, and with very much ease : and so that in the very depth of winter there shall not be much dirt, no deep-cart-rutts, or high-ridges, no holes, or vneven places nor so much as a loose stone (the very worst of evils both to man and horse) in any of the horse-tracts, nor shall any person have cause to be once put out of his way in any hundred of miles riding

Thomas Mace London : ], Printed for a publick good in the year 1675

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