His Maiesties answer to a message sent to him by the House of Commons at Yorke, March 19, 1641 also two remarkable letters from Ireland sent over by Robert Pickering Secretary unto Sir Symon Harcourt, March 17, 1641 : the first being the copy of a letter written by the Earle of Osmond one of the commanders of the rebels unto the Earle of Delvia wherein he declares the great distresse they are in for want of ammunition and other provision and also frustrate of the reliefe they hoped for out of Flanders : which letter and bearer was intercepted by the night scouts of Sir Symon Harcourt : the second, the copie of the Popes Bull sent unto the Irish rebels found in the trunke of Macke Orobie, his legate who was taken prisoner in the Lord Mountgarrets quarter

Charles Osmond Earl of. Osmond London : Printed for John Thomas, 1641 i.e. 1642

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